7 Progressive Levels



The first stepping stone, the Red Level introduces the new young golfer to some of the most important parts of the game. The absolute basics of building a good address position such as how to aim at a target and hold the club, through to aspects of safety and care for the course. The center pages offer an opportunity to learn 10 interesting golf factoids like why the golf ball has dimples.




With this progressive system of learning, the coach knows exactly the amount of golf knowledge the pupil has and this level begins to build and expand on this. There's more than one way to hold the club, the importance of speed of play and how to save valuable time and the top 10 things you should have in your golf bag are just some of the topics.




Starting to come out of the foundation levels, the Yellow Level introduces two new characters. The Skill Ball and the Drill Ball give top tips and offer personal challenges to the pupils. This means participants can continue to improve their skills in their own time between coaching sessions, which produces great results in the shortest timeframe possible and keeps motivation high.



Second in the intermediate stages, this level begins the important task of simplifying the rules of the game. From this level through to the end of the Black Level each and every one of the 34 rules of golf is explained in as straightforward way as possible. The handicapping system is covered in detail with questions like, what is a handicap? How does it go up and down? How do I get one? All answered.



Halfway through these intermediate stages, it is worth noting that from the Yellow Level onwards the program are presented in modular format. There are 5 modules consisting of a swing topic, an etiquette topic and portions on rules, top tips and personal challenges. Each module represents a single coaching session a focuses on irons shots, wood shots, short game , putting and bunker play.



Not every pupil will manage to progress every six weeks from one level to another. There will be series of lesson in between the progression stages and this will be at the discretion of the coach. A few weeks preparation may be in order to prepare for the push for the next level, this allows time for the skill levels to reach the required standards. Some members of the class may well move up at different times to others.



Moving into the more advanced levels, it might well be that new recruits join in at these higher levels to learn more about the game and to increase their levels of competency. The modules now include new topics that focus on the mind and body, as well as more detailed coaching on the swing such as distance and spin control and course management.  This makes us the best kids golf academy in Singapore!

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