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Student Reviews

Rueben Lim

My 3yr old gal started at My First Par when she was 2 and its has been enjoyable watching her develop and build her swing from scratch.  Coach Vivienne is an amazing and dedicated person who simply loves the kiddos under her charge.  As a former amateur player herself, she knows the technical details to impart the sport to the children.  She makes the lessons interesting for the kids, working not just on their swing but also their focus, concentration and strength.  

Jacqueline Wang

My son has been following Coach Vivienne for 1 year and we are happy that he has improve not only on his swings but on his concentration level as well.  His stamina for sports has increase and we are glad to have sign him up over at My First Par.

Jaslyn Chong

Love how patient Teacher Vivienne is towards my boy who was barely 27 months old when he started his first lesson.  Am happy that the lessons including the duration are "customised" to meet the needs and attention span of young toddlers.  Besides working on Golf and Golf alone, gross motor activities which are vital at this developmental stage are also included!

Grace Zheng

My almost 10 year old son has been following Coach Richard for the past 5 years.  Richard has been a superbly patient yet firm all these years.  It's a real joy seeing how my son developed under Richard's guidance, not just in the game of golf but also life skills.  Thumbs up and cheers for Coach Richard!

Yuan Si

My 4 year old daughter very much enjoys her golf lessons with My First Par!  We tried out once and she's very keen on going every week now!  Very nice way of teaching the basics for kids. 

Tasmin Chua

Coaches are friendly and patient, extremely good with children.  A nice and safe learning environment for small children to play golf!